The Embassy of the Philippines in Wellington, New Zealand informs the public that its office will move to and operate in a temporary location starting 30 October 2017, to give way to its Chancery’s seismic strengthening and upgrade.

The new office will be located at the following address (please see map here):

Level 1
95 Thorndon Quay
Thorndon, Wellington

With this transfer, there may be some disruption in our landline and internet connections. For any concern, please ring the Embassy’s hotline number at 0220746517. Thank you.




Does Friday night get any better than dinner at the Ambassadors's?

Ambassador night blog

it’s not often the official representative of the Republic of the Philippines opens up her home to ordinary people like me and family.

Me, Her Excellency Amb Virginia Benavidez, Mahal and Bunso :)


ANYONE WHO’S had the experience of knowing a Filipino as an acquaintance, friend, colleague or lover will sooner or later uncover this quirk of nature about us and our kind : love us or hate us, warts and all, but almost to a man, the Pinoy is an ideal host.  Once you cross the threshold of his (I use masculine pronouns but I refer to all genders) munting dampa, you acquire the status of VIP guest, whether you are regular invitee or the guest of honor, of the Pinoy homeowner.

An invitation to share a simple meal, seek shelter for the night, or celebrate a special occasion is never taken lightly by our brown brothers and sisters as it means granting his guest every comfort, entertaining his every request, and heeding, with reasonable limits, his every pleasure.  It has been how most of us carry ourselves in parties, weddings, fiestas, through the centuries till now.

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