Republic of the Philippines

50 Hobson Street, Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand 6011

Mabuhay! You are on your way to use the official Online Appointment System (OAS) of the Philippine Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand.

I. How to register
Please watch the step by step video instructions below on how to register. Click the square icon at the lower right of the video to watch it on full screen.

[ Click the square icon at the lower right of the video to watch it on full screen ]

  1. Visit
  2. Click the "REGISTER New User" button
  3. Input in all the required information
  4. Click the "REGISTER" button
  5. "Are you sure you want to REGISTER", click "YES"
  6. "Do you wish to login to the system", click "YES"

II. Booking website

III. Cancellation Policy
We understand that unavoidable circumstances arise, appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled by logging into the Philippine Embassy Appointment System and go to "My Appointments" > "View Details" > "Cancel Appointment".

IV. Multiple Booking
The system will delete your other bookings for appointments to enable our other kababayans to also renew their passport and avail themselves of the Embassy's consular services. Please refrain from multiple bookings in the future.

V. How do I know if my booking was received by the Embassy?
The booking is received by the Embassy upon login and when your schedule has been listed under the page "My Appointments".

Confirmation will be via email within 24 hours. However, if you receive no notification within this period, please inform the Embassy through

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