It is a function of Philippine consular officers to pass upon claims for, or resolve matters involving, Philippine citizenship and, upon determination of such citizenship, to issue the applicant with the Philippine passport.

Please read the requirements for Electronic Passport (ePassport).

There are specific requirements for:

The passport application and passport extension forms can be found in the Downloadable Forms section.


A Philippine citizen, for one reason or another, is unable to have a passport to return to the Philippines, may be issued a Travel Document valid for one direct flight to the Philippines. Applicants for passports and travel documents use the same application form.


The above forms have been prepared and converted to Portable Document Format (PDF) format. This prevents the files from being inadvertently edited. It also facilitates viewing and makes downloading faster due top its optimal compressed file size. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to Print or View these documents. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from here.

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