Shipment of Remains

In the event of death of a Philippine citizen, the following procedures shall be followed:

  1.  A Report of Death (ROD) or FA Form No. 39, which can be downloaded from the Embassy’s website, shall be accomplished by the next of kin and submitted to the Embassy/Consulate, together with the following documentary requirements:
  2.  New Zealand Death Certificate issued by the Department of Internal Affairs
    2.    Certificate of Sealing for Transportation issued by the Funeral Director
    3.    Certificate of Non-Contagious Disease issued by the Regional Public Health Service
    4.    Medical Certificate or Police Report on the cause of death
    5.    Photocopy of the deceased’s passport details page (passport page showing the photo and personal information of the passport holder)
    6.    Pre-paid self-addressed signature required courier bag (for the return of the certified documents)
  3.  A Mortuary Certificate is issued by the Embassy when the remains of a deceased are to be transported to the Philippines.

    Additional information needed to facilitate shipment:

  1.  Consignee in the Philippines (name, address, contact details or email address)
    2.    Details of personal belongings of the deceased, if any
    3.    Details of next of kin, if any, assisting in the transport of remains of the deceased
    4.    Transportation/flight details

The sealing of the casket or urn by a Philippine Consular Officer, or his presence at said sealing, shall no longer be required for the issuance of the Consular Mortuary Certificate.

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