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A memorable and meaningful evening for a special chinese Mum/Aunty at Abundant Life Centre Church, Wellington

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On 10 January 2015, a very good Chinese friend of the Filipinos, Ms. Camilia (Cam) Chin Dowling shared her unconditional love and gratitude to her Mum, Grace Chin by organizing her surprise 90th birthday celebration and inviting us to be part of this special occasion. Mum/Aunty Grace to many of us at the Abundant Life Centre (ALC) is a much beloved and deeply respected woman whose smiles, presence, kind-heartedness, motherly care, advice and prayers epitomize the Biblical attributes of a woman in Proverbs 31 worthy of praise and emulation. Our LOVING GOD continues to bless Mum/Aunty Grace with a wonderful and ever supportive husband Daddy/Uncle Alfred, loving daughter Cam and Kiwi son-in-law, Liam Dowling, loved ones, Church family and friends from the Philippines and other countries. Mum/Aunty Grace is our prayer warrior and partner whose prayers and petitions before GOD are always answered. As a much loved daughter of GOD, she continues to experience healing after healing, and miracles after miracles and to enjoy long life, much love, provisions, providence, peace, protection and the priceless and precious gift of salvation.

True to her name, Mum/Aunty Grace is a recipient of our LORD’s overflowing graces and a giver and channel of grace to others. We are so blessed to have known her and come close to her and her family. Indeed, GOD brings HIS people together, wherever they may be - beyond borders or nationalities – uniting our hearts and spirits and making all things beautiful and possible in HIS time.

Huge thanks to Cam for sharing your Mum with us. To our beloved Mum/Aunty Grace, you are GOD’s gift to us and will always be in our hearts. With our gratitude, prayers and love that GOD will continue to grant you the earnest desires of your heart, prosper the works of your hands and crown your efforts with success as you reach 90 years and beyond!

It was a truly celebratory evening of heart-warming messages, songs, dances, abounding cuisine and fun-filled fellowship.

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