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A special Consular Mission in the surrounding areas of Auckland and Hamilton will be held on 17-21 September 2020, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Venue will be announced soon.

Opening of the online appointment system will be on 12 September (Saturday) at 7:00 PM. Appointment can be made through this link: Please make sure that the email you type on the site is correct to ensure that the confirmation email reaches you. There are three (3) slots per time frame, please do not make multiple bookings to ensure that other applicants can avail themselves of the Embassy’s consular services.

Services to be offered are (i) Passport (Renewal, New & Lost); (ii) Acknowledgement, Notarials and Consularization of Documents; (iii) Civil Registry (Report of Birth, Report of Marriage & Report of Death); and, (iv) NBI Fingerprinting.

Overseas Voting Registration is also available, and does not require an appointment. For all other services (please see abovementioned items i-iv), please book an appointment.

First time passport applicants (children born in New Zealand) who have yet to apply for a Report of Birth and women who recently got married in New Zealand and intend to apply for a passport and change their last name to their married name but have not yet applied for a Report of Marriage, please submit the Report of Birth or Report of Marriage application and complete documentary requirements on or before 12 September 2020 as this is a requirement for...


Request for Passport Extensions JSD-2020-25

Further to the Embassy’s Advisory No. JSD-2020-24 on 12 May 2020 on the cancellation of its mobile consular outreach missions for this year, the Embassy has received requests for the extension of the validity of their ePassports for various reasons.

The Embassy understands that the prevailing travel restrictions in the Pacific Island Countries under our jurisdiction as well as the cost of travel and accommodation in Wellington prove to be a burden to most of our kababayans.


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