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50 Hobson Street, Thorndon, Wellington, New Zealand 6011

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Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)
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Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office undertakes activities facilitating workers’ employment and promoting the welfare of Filipino workers in New Zealand, Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. This is in line with the mandate of the Labor Code for the Foreign Service to:

  • Provide all Filipino workers within their jurisdiction assistance on all matters arising out of employment; insure that Filipino workers are not exploited or discriminated against;

  • Verify and certify as requisite to authentication that the terms and conditions of employment in contracts involving Filipino workers are in accordance with the Labor Code and rules and regulations of the Overseas Employment Development Board and National Seamen Board;

  • Make continuing studies or researches and recommendations on the various aspects of the employment market within their jurisdiction;

  • Gather and analyze information on the employment situation and its probable trends, and to make such information available.

Mr. Angel L. Borja, Labor Attache

Telephone: (04) 890 3741

Address: 50 Hobson Street, Thordon, Wellington, New Zealand