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Continuing Support to the #diwatadiplomacy initiative through the Young Pinoy Artists’ Festival

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In line with #diwatadiplomacy initiative of the Philippine Embassy, PinoyStop NZ – a One Stop Information Site for Filipinos in New Zealand – hosted the 2017 Young Pinoy Artists’ Festival. The exhibit and silent auction featured 29 artworks of 24 “kiwinized” Filipino children, ages 5 to 16 years old.

The event, which was held at the Dowse Art Museum, was organized by PinoyStop NZ with Embassy support, in observance of Philippine Literature Month. With the theme “Panitikang Pilipino: Lift a Page and Discover Your Heritage”, the children were encouraged to reflect the impressions they have of their choice of Filipino literary pieces through their artworks. In this way, their experiences with Philippine written works go beyond a casual encounter. It becomes an immersion that allows them the opportunity to delve into their roots.

Ambassador Jesus S. Domingo, who delivered the Welcome Remarks, shared his insights with the attendees, particularly that there are vestiges suggesting a common cultural origin discernible in the Polynesian and Philippine cultures, such as in their languages and literary traditions. Moreover, he highlighted that Philippines, like New Zealand, is a melting pot of cultures as represented by its literary masterpieces, among others, Francisco Balagtas’ “Florante at Laura” and José Rizal’s “Noli Me Tángere” and “El Filibusterismo”.

PinoyStop, which is also celebrating its 5th anniversary, launched the project in 2016 to promote Philippine culture through visual arts. That year, the young Filipino artists were challenged to illustrate Philippine mythical creatures in their own art style. #diwatadiplomacy aims to promote Philippine Mythology via multi-media arts, cosplay, music, and the like. For more information on PinoyStop, visit

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