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The Philippine Embassy team, spouses and service staff enhance knowledge and skills in protocol, etiquette, social graces and events management

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As part of the Philippine Embassy’s capability building programmes, Ambassador Virginia H. Benavidez conducted a “Seminar on Protocol, Social Graces, Etiquette and Events Management” at “Ang Bahay” (Philippine Ambassador’s residence) on 23 August 2015 for the Philippine Embassy Team, spouses, family members and service staff. As former Chief of Presidential Protocol in Malacañan Palace and Chief of Protocol of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Benavidez shared her knowledge and experiences as she went through the essential aspects of the Seminar on Definition, Importance and Relevance of Protocol, Sources and Basis of Protocol, General Order of Precedence, Precedence among Diplomatic Representatives, Practical Protocol (Walking, Standing and Sitting), Courtesy Calls Arrangement, Signing of Agreements/Treaties in the Philippines, Media Interview, Foreign Visits/Attendance at International Meetings and Conferences, Hostings of Official Visits/Confrences/ Bilateral Meetings, Hosting Official and Social Events covering Invitations, Receptions and Cocktails, Toasts, Table Settings for Luncheons and Dinners, Menu, Dinner Etiquette, Seating Arrangements, Table Manners and Etiquette, Wines, Cocktails and Liquer, Wine and Food Pairings, Names, Introductions and Addressing Officials such bas Form of Addresses and Titles, Handshakes, Cards, Manner of Dressing, Protocol of the Philippine Flag, the National Motto, the National Coat of Arms, Helpful Information on Some Cultural Practices such as Greetings, Dining and Gift Giving, Etiquette for Everyday Situations, namely, Business and Office Settings, and Telephone Etiquette.

Certificates of Completion were given to the participants. They expressed appreciation for the highly informative and comprehensive presentation that will help them in upgrading their skills, familiarity and adherence to protocol, etiquette, manners in social and official life and professional capability as they carry out their respective roles and responsibilities in the Philippine Foreign Service and Home Office in the Department of Foreign Affairs.

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