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FiliCollab: US x PH collaborators Angela Perez (US), Pawikan (PH) and Geloy Concepcion (PH)

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In the fourth installment of the #FiliXP series, artistic collaborators from the United States and the Philippines come together to share the stories and culture for Filipinos who have grown abroad and are curious about their roots.

Pawikan (PH) featuring Angela Perez (US) in the song “Salinlahi” remind Filipinos abroad of where they come from. They emphasize the richness of Filipino culture and despite their distance and upbringing to reach out to the younger generations to rediscover their heritage. Angela Perez, who herself is a 2nd generation Filipino, prides herself in her ethnicity and encourages others to explore what it means to be a Filipino. Geloy Concepcion, in turn, lends his view of being a Filipino professional in the US, Filipino culture and raising his child abroad.

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