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LIVE | PIQC | Session 10 | Belief Systems and Spiritual Climate in the Philippines Over the Last 500 Years | Panel A and B


This session explores the rich and diverse religious and cultural landscape of our pre-colonial ancestors and the impact of the introduction of Christianity had in our indigenous ways of faith and spirituality.

Watch Panel A: The Impact of Christianity in the Philippines

We have Dr. Marya Svetlana Camacho and Dr. Paul Dumol of the University of Asia and the Pacific, Dr. Oona Paredes of the University of California - Los Angeles, and Prof. Regalado Trota Jose of the University of Santo Tomas discuss the deep and lasting impact the Christian faith has had on our people from 1521 up to the present day. Dr. Cecilia Fe Sta. Maria-Abalos of the University of the Philippines Baguio will moderate this panel.

Watch Panel B: Christianity Beyond the Spanish Colonial Period:

We have Dr. Jose Rhommel Hernandez of the De La Salle University - Manila, Dr. Deidre De La Cruz of the University of Michigan, Fr. Michael Layugan of the Divine Word Seminary, and Dr. Kristoffer Esquejo of the University of the Philippines Diliman explore the role of Christianity in Filipino society and culture beyond the 300 year Spanish Colonial Period. Ms. Jeraiah Gray of the University of the Philippines Baguio will moderate this panel.

Session 10 is convened by the University of the Philippines Baguio Department of History and Philosophy.

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