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Information on foreign donations consigned to the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) and acceptance of Foreign Medical teams

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Donations of Medical Items and Equipment

All foreign donations of medical items and equipment require clearance from the Department of Health (DOH) prior to entering the Philippines. Authentication of documentary requirements for foreign donations intended for victims of Typhoon Haiyan, shall be waived to facilitate the immediate processing of shipments of foreign donations.

Donations given by foreign donors/international agencies, local donors sourced from abroad which include shipment of medicines, medical supplies, and medical devices have the following documentary requirements:

  1. Letter of intent/request addressed to

    Dir. Maylene Beltran
    Director IV
    Bureau of International Health Cooperation
    Building 3, San Lazaro Compound, Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines
    Telephone No. (63 2) 651 7800 local 1302/1352
    Mobile No. 0917 835 1664
    Email –
  2. Deed of Donation
  3. List of items to be donated including list of medicines with expiration date, labelled in English/(no foreign markings/no tobacco products, no donation from tobacco industry/no breast milk substitute products/no donation from milk companies)/specification of equipment
  4. Shipping documents – packing list, bill of lading/airway bill, commercial invoice

The consignee for medical donations is the following:

Department of Health c/o Secretary Enrique T. Ona San Lazaro Compound, Sta. Cruz, Manila, Philippines

Consignment to the DOH allows for duty and tax exemptions.

Acceptance of Foreign Medical Teams

In light of the current situation in selected areas of the Philippines affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) and the need to rationalize the acceptance of medical teams to be deployed in affected areas, the following guidelines have been issued by DOH for the acceptance, processing and coordination of sending foreign surgical and medical missions to the Philippines:

  1. Foreign governments, international non-government organizations, independent foreign organizations, health actors, humanitarian teams and foreign private organizations or initiatives, with the intent to send medical teams to the Philippines should contact DOH directly through a letter of intent, copy furnished the Embassy of the Philippines. The letter of intent should be addressed to the following:

    Secretary Enrique T. Ona
    Office of the Secretary
    Department of Health
    Telephone No:    (632) 651-7800 locals 1125 / 1126 / 1108
    Fax No:        (632) 743-1829
    Attention:    Undersecretary Teodoro Herbosa
    Email: /
  2. Organizations should accomplish the enclosed form for DOH evaluation

  3. The DOH will assess the capacities of the Foreign Medical Teams (FMTs) and will issue approvals for deployment. This will include area of assignment, station of operations, dates of operation, and key services to be provided among others. Please note that the station of operation might be changed in accordance with the latest situation in the affected areas.

  4. Once approved for deployment, the DOH will inform the FMT, copy furnished the Department of Foreign Affairs which in turn inform the Embassy of the Philippines.

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